Olaf Wipperfürth is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his work in the fields of photography, mixed media and film. 
Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, He lives and works in Paris.

Wipperfürth's artistic journey was influenced by his academic pursuits in philosophy of art and aethetics during his formative years in Germany. To deepen his understanding of the intersection of art and philosophy, he embarked on a transformative journey to Paris in the late 1990s. He pursued his doctoral thesis  (phd) titled "The 'Moment' in Contemporary Art and Philosophy," which was published in 1999. This academic journey, combined with supplementary studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, became the crucible in which Olaf Wipperfürth fused his theoretical and conceptual knowledge with his artistic expression. His primary medium is photography, but more recently, he has integrated paint interventions into his work.  Atelier Olaf Wipperfürth  is mainly  exploring the themes such as absence,, ephemeral space and the process of memory.  

Since over two decades Studio Olaf Wipperfürth generated an captivating body of work in portrait,, beauty and fashion  deeply influenced by the imagery of film, contemporary dance,
art and german 80 th subculture. His lighting combined with his talent of capturing movement and emotion, makes his playful cinematic photography, widely internationally renowned.
His work got published in leading magazines and in major brand advertisements throughout the world.

Disko Bay , Museo Civico di Zoologica, Rome 2022
Disko Bay - Goethe Institut, Rome  2022
Skytrees - SPPP, Normandie 2021
Any Human Heart - Pin Up Studios, Paris 2019
Windowblack - NoGood Gallery Paris, 2014
Aquarium - Videoprojection, NoGood, Paris 2014
Stream - JWT Gallery, London 2011
The Window Collection- BBH, London 2008
Beauty in the 21th Century / Traumfrauen (groupexhibition) - Deichtorhallen, Hamburg 2008

COCA - Finalist for "Ungaged" mixed media art work in 2020 Painting and Photography
TIFA -  the Tokyo International Foto Awards. 2019 awarded for the b&w series "Shift".
PX3 - Prix de la photographie, Paris. 2018 awarded for the series "the mud cycle"
MONOVISION - awarded honorable mention 2018 for the series "the mud cycle"

Book publications
The aesthetic rest: remarks on a aesthetic of the moment, Doctorate,  Titel of the original:Der ästehische Restwert: Bemerkungen zu einer Ästhetik des Augenblicks, Gerhard Mercator University.
Glas - Quadratur, Text by Prof Dr. C. Rülcker ISBN 3-9806677-2-3
L'intérieur - 24 Poses, Text by Carine Soyer, ISBN 2-84779-005-5
Oceanic Art - Text by A.J.P Meyer, Könemann Edition, ISBN 3-89508-080-2
The Fashion Book - Dries van Noten, Page 476, Phaidon Edition, ISBN 0-7148388-X
The Golden Anniversary _Dries Van Noten, Limited Edition
L'Or blanc du Loch Ness - Text by Hervé Jaouen, Edition Gallimard, ISBN 2-07-050497-2
Dries van Noten - Edition Les Arts Décoratifs, ISBN 978-2-919614-48-0
Beauty in the 21st Century. - Dumont Edition, ISBN 978-3-8321-9102-3

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Davidoff, Caudalie, Boucheron, Nike,

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